There are so many wonderful vegan websites for health information, recipes, advice, shopping, inspiration and more.
Here is just a small selection for a starting point.
Health  (Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine)  (A project of Vegan Outreach)


Organizations  (Action for Animals)  (Animal Legal Defense Fund)  (Carnism Awareness & Action Network, founder Melanie Joy – activist, author)  (Compassion Over Killing)  (Farm Animal Right Movement)  (Farm Sanctuary)  (Friends of Animals)  (North American Vegetarian Society)  (Mercy for Animals)  (Vegetarian Resource Group)

Parenting  (Vegetarian Resource Group)  (Farm Sanctuary)  (Magazine for Vegan Family Living)


Recipes  (Mercy for Animals)  (Compassion Over Killing)  (The Post Punk Kitchen)  (VegNews Magazine)


Shopping  (apparel, accessories, shoes)


Vegetarian Athletes  (Branden Brazier - professional triathlete, speaker, author)  (Robert Cheeke – vegan body builder)