Welcome to the Vegan Metro West Network
Who are we?
The Vegan Metrowest Network is a group of individuals committed to optimizing health, protecting our environment and pursuing happiness for all beings through a diet and lifestyle that are plant-based, holistic and cruelty-free.  We are based in the Metrowest Boston area.

Militant? Please!
Our mission is to provide a supportive community for learning and living by peaceful, healthier and universally respectful means.

Exclusive? Get out.
We strive toward inclusivity, not exclusivity.  Not only are all are welcome to join, but we encourage you to bookmark our site even if you may just be starting out on a vegan path, or curious about the possibilities.

A few reasons to go vegan:
For your health - Reduce your risk of heart disease, cancer, stroke and other chronic afflictions.

For our environment - Help put an end to factory farms, with their inhumane practices, their dangerous use of hormones and antibiotics and the lakes of excrement and waste they create.

For the happiness of all beings - Help promote a holistic worldview, wherein we can all enjoy nature’s bounty in balance, and create and consume delicious foods without causing others to suffer.

But you may find even more of your own reasons!

Please visit  http://www.meetup.com/vegan-516/  for a current listing of our events!